Finalists of the Photo Kyiv  contest 2017

Art photography

Olexandr Navrotsky

Andrey Rublevik

Nataliia Mukha

Natta Summerky

Andrey Lomakin

Andriy Bulay

Evgeny Kapusta

Igor Gora

Maria Magoly

Vitaly Fomenko


Documentary photography

Oleksandr Rupeta

Evgeny Kapusta

Igor Efimov

Sergey Ryabko

Vitaly Fomenko

Yana Shcherbakova

Dmytro Kupriyan

Panel of  judges

Ksenia Malikh - art critic, member of the PinchukArtCentre Research Platform team, co-founder of OK Projects, curator of the visual program of the Closer art center, member of the expert council for contemporary art at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;

Raed Bawayah - founder of festival Le Quatrieme Image, Paris, France;

Philippe Bertrand - collector of photography;

Vladimir Seleznev - founder of Fine Art school.

Winners of the PHOTO KYIV contest 2017

 Olexander Navrotsky  is  the winner in the nomination of art photography.

 Yana Shcherbakova is  the winner in the nomination of documentary photography.

As the main prize - an exhibition of works by Yana and Oleksandr in the framework of Photo Kyiv.

Oleksandr Navrotskyi, "Slowly t", 2015

Yana Shcherbakova (Resident of Photoclub 5.6), Aleksandra,  "I see the world with my heart", 2015

Image on the poster by Andrey Rublevik